DICOM PS3.3 2024b - Information Object Definitions

8.4 Mapping Resource

The value of Mapping Resource (0008,0105) denotes the message/terminology Mapping Resource that specifies the Context Group that specifies the Value Set. The Defined Terms for the value of Mapping Resource (0008,0105) shall be:

Defined Terms:


DICOM Content Mapping Resource


SNOMED DICOM Microglossary (Retired)

PS3.16 specifies the DICOM Content Mapping Resource (DCMR).


Unless otherwise specified, the DCMR is the source of all Context Groups and Templates specified in this Standard.

Mapping Resources may be uniquely identified by Mapping Resource UID (0008,0118).

Private Mapping Resources (those not listed amongst the Defined Terms in this section), may be identified by the prefix "99".

Mapping Resource Name (0008,0122) may contain the name of the Mapping Resource. The value may e.g., denote the Institution or organization that has specified the Value Set.

DICOM PS3.3 2024b - Information Object Definitions