DICOM PS3.3 2024c - Information Object Definitions

10.36 Device Identification Macro

Table 10.36-1 specifies the Attributes of the Device Identification Macro, which identifies a (physical or virtual) device.

Table 10.36-1. Device Identification Macro Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Device Type Code Sequence



The type of the device.

Only a single Item shall be included in this Sequence.

>Include Table 8.8-1 “Code Sequence Macro Attributes”

CID may be defined in the Macro invocation.

Device Label



User-defined label for this device.

Long Device Description



User-defined description for this device.

Device Serial Number



Manufacturer's serial number of the device.

Software Versions



Manufacturer's designation of software version of the equipment.

Date of Manufacture



The date the device was originally manufactured or re-manufactured (as opposed to refurbished).

Date of Installation



The date the device was installed in its current location. The device may or may not have been used prior to installation in its current location.

UDI Sequence



Unique Device Identifier (UDI) of the device.

One or more Items are permitted in this Sequence.


Multiple Items may be present if the entire equipment has UDIs issued by different Issuing Authorities.

>Include Table 10.29-1 “UDI Macro Attributes”

Manufacturer's Device Identifier



An identifier issued by the manufacturer.

See Note.

Device Alternate Identifier



An identifier intended to be read by a device such as a bar code reader.

Device Alternate Identifier Type



Defines the type of Device Alternate Identifier.

Required if Device Alternate Identifier (3010,001B) has a value.

Defined Terms:



Device Alternate Identifier Format



Description of the format in which the Device Alternate Identifier (3010,001B) is issued.

Required if Device Alternate Identifier (3010,001B) has a value.

See Section


Typically, the Device Identifier is a code which can be electronically read by the machine utilizing that device, e.g. to verify the presence of that device.

10.36.1 Device Component Identification Macro Attribute Descriptions Device Alternate Identifier Format

The Device Alternate Identifier Format (3010,001D) specifies the format of the value of the Device Alternate Identifier (3010,001B).

If the value of Device Alternate Identifier Type (3010,001C) is RFID, a big variety of RFID formats exists (some examples are DOD-96, DOD-64 UID, GID-96, sgtin-96). Supported format values shall be defined in the Conformance Statement.

For Device Alternate Identifier Type (3010,001C) = BARCODE, see Section C.22.1.1.

DICOM PS3.3 2024c - Information Object Definitions