DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance

N.11.2.6 A.C.2.6 Attribute Confidentiality Details

Table N.11-6 provides the list of Attributes and the action when de-identifying instances. Supported Action Codes are defined in PS 3.15 Section E.1.

[For every element listed in Table N.11-6, “De-identified Elements and Actions”, describe the Action the application may take using one of the actions codes defined below:]

[Indicated in the "Encrypted" column, whether encryption is supported. Y for yes, N for No.]

Table N.11-6. De-identified Elements and Actions

Attribute Name





Basic Profile Option

<Element name>

<(xxxx,yyyy) >

[In case of dummy Value, describe here the algorithm that produces the Value]

[Additional Private Option]

[Explain the scope here in which the application can ensure referential integrity of replacement Values for references such as SOP Instance UID, Frame of Reference UID, etc. if multiple SOP Instances are de-identified (e.g., across multiple Studies, consistent replacement if the same Study is processed more than once, etc.)

Also mention if Encrypted Attributes Data Set is to be used and which Transfer Syntaxes are supported for encoding/decoding the Encrypted Attributes Data Set.

Finally, list here any additional restrictions (e.g., key sizes for public keys).]

DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance