DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance

N.8.4.4 Attribute Confidentiality Profiles

Table N.8-7 lists supported Attribute Confidentiality Profiles and options:

[In Table N.8-7 all the Profiles not supported can be deleted. But it is also permitted to keep them for transparency Reasons and mark them with "N".

Add any private option and/or private profiles. For each option, indicate in the "AE" column the list of AEs that support the option (Use ALL if all AEs support it, ALL EXCEPT to provide an exception list). In remaining columns, indicate whether the option is supported as de-identifier, as re-identifier and if some configurability can be performed in the way anonymization can be applied.]

Table N.8-7. Attribute Confidentiality Profiles







Basic Application Level Confidentiality

Basic Profile

Clean Pixel Data

Clean Recognizable Visual Features

Clean Graphics

Clean Structured Content

Clean Descriptors

Retain Longitudinal Temporal Information with Full Dates

Retain Longitudinal Temporal Information with Modified Dates

Retain Patient Characteristics

Retain Device Identity

Retain Institution Identity

Retain UIDs

Retain Safe Private

[Additional option]

[Any Additional confidentiality profiles]

[Any option if applicable]

[Describe here the general strategy that applies to the product for new Attributes that could be defined later in the standard. Will they be kept, removed or can the behavior be configured? If configurable, does the configuration apply to all new elements or will it be configurable on a data element per data element basis?]

See Section N.11.2.6 for implementation details.

DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance