DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance

N.6 Configuration

[Briefly describe if there is a configuration interface (service tool, administration GUI, web interface, or other) to configure the basic parameters.]

Throughout all subsections the following Values can be used in the "Configurable" column:

N.6.1 General Configuration Parameters

Table N.6-1 lists general configuration parameters applicable across all supported DICOM Services.

Table N.6-1. General Configuration Parameters



Default Value


[Fill in general parameters related to DICOM connections such as timeouts.]





[If no default Value, leave it blank.]

[Optionally put a comment that would help the reader to understand the configuration/parameter and list Value ranges if applicable.]

General Parameters

Timeout waiting for acceptance or rejection Response to an Association

Open Request. (Application-Level timeout)

Timeout waiting for a response to an Association release request

(Application Level Timeout)

General DIMSE level timeout Values

TCP/IP Settings

TCP/IP Send Buffer


65535 Bytes

Min: 16Kb, Max: 128Kb

TCP/IP Receive Buffer


65535 Bytes

DICOM Services Parameters

Maximum number of simultaneous Associations accepted

Specific Character Set

[If character set is configurable per service, add the Specific Character Set configuration row in the relevant services.]

Other parameters

DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance