DICOM PS3.2 2023e - Conformance

N.5.7 Specific Character Sets

For Specific Character Sets supported in addition to the default character repertoire, refer to Section N.1.7 for the Values for Specific Character Set (0008,0005).

[If your product supports mapping/conversion of the non-default Character Sets, fill in the table below, otherwise remove table and the introductory text below.]

<Product> supports mapping/conversion of the supported, non-default Specific Character Sets as listed in Table N.5-165.

[Describe how Specific Character Sets that are received by the system are mapped to Specific Character Sets sent out by the system. It does not consider the Character Set used internally within the product. In the "Mapping Situation" column describe the scenario in which this mapping occurs, e.g., when mapping Character Sets from a Modality Worklist entry or a Query Retrieve response to the instances created.]

Table N.5-165. Conversion/Mapping of Non-Default Specific Character Sets

Incoming Specific Character Set

Outgoing Specific Character Set

Mapping Situation

Defined Term



Defined Term



ISO 2022 IR 87



ISO_IR 192


Unicode in UTF-8

Mapping from MWL to instances created

[Explain your product behavior in case it encounters unsupported character sets.]

[Describe the presentation of the characters to a user, i.e., capabilities, font limitations and/or substitutions of characters.]

Generic configuration for Specific Character Sets is covered in Section N.6.1. Service specific configuration for Specific Character Sets is addressed in respective subsections of Section N.6.2 or Section N.6.3.

DICOM PS3.2 2023e - Conformance