DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance
N. SCP of the Study Root Q/R Information Model - MOVE SOP Class

As the SCP of the Study Root Q/R - Information Model -MOVE, the <Product> receives the C-MOVE-RQ and in turn uses the C-STORE-RQ sub operation to send matching SOP Instances to the Move Destination AE included in the C-MOVE-RQ.

[Provide a list of Storage SOP Classes supported or reference Storage Table in Overview e.g.]

As the SCP of the Storage Service Class, all Storage SOP Classes listed in Section N.1.1 are supported.

[Describe the relationship between the incoming C-MOVE request and the C-STORE suboperation, e.g., is each instance sent on one Association or is the same Association used for all instances, is this behavior configurable.]

[Describe your product behavior if a C-MOVE-CANCEL request is received.]

DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance