DICOM PS3.2 2023d - Conformance
N. SCP of the Study Root Q/R Information Model - FIND SOP Class

As a Service Class Provider of the Study Root Q/R - Information Model - FIND SOP Class, the <Product> uses the C-FIND-RSP to communicate matches back to the SCU. It supports the Matching Keys listed in Table N.5-18 for hierarchical queries.

In the "Matching Type" column, the following Values can be used:

[Table N.5-18 contains a set of Attributes (standard Attributes as well as private Attributes) that could be supported by a product. Add and remove Attributes in order to match your product implementation using the matching type as defined above. If multiple codes are supported, list all of them. Use the "Comments" column if clarification is needed.]

Table N.5-18. Supported C-FIND Attribute Matching for Study Root Q/R Model - SCP

Attribute Name




Study Level

Study Date



Patient's Name



Patient ID



Study Instance UID



Modalities in Study



Study Description



Series Level

Instance Level

Private Attributes

[If <product> supports Extended Negotiation for Relational Queries, describe supported matching Attributes.]

[Document your product behavior in case you are encountering non supported private Attributes.]

[Describe the behavior of the product if it receives a C-FIND-CANCEL request.]

[Document your product's query capabilities and behavior for handling non-default character sets, especially for handling person names (VR of PN).]

[If your product supports Extended Negotiation for fuzzy semantic matching of person names describe how matching is performed, e.g., whether your matching is insensitive to case, position, accent, or character encoding, or whether you support phonetic matching.]

DICOM PS3.2 2023d - Conformance