DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance
N. SCP of the Storage Commitment SOP Class

As a Service Class Provider of the Storage Commitment SOP Class, the <Product> receives the N-ACTION-RQ message to request storage commitment from a remote SCU. In turn it initiates the N-EVENT_REPORT-RQ messages to the SCU indicating success or failure of the request.

[Describe whether your product supports sending the N-EVENT-REPORT request on the same Association as the N-ACTION.]

Table N.5-16 lists conditions upon which an error code is sent in the Failure Reason (0008,1197) Attribute in the Failed SOP Sequence (0008,1198) of the N-EVEN-REPORT request.

[Fill in the conditions under which your product is sending the listed Status Codes. Note that for each code listed in the table, a condition needs to be provided. If your system does not support specific codes, list "Code is not supported"]

Table N.5-16. Failure Conditions on Storage Commitment SCP

Status Code




Processing failure: A general failure in processing the operation was encountered.


No such object instance: One or more of the elements in the Referenced SOP Instance Sequence was not available.


Class / Instance conflict: The SOP Class of an element in the Referenced SOP Instance Sequence did not correspond to the SOP Class registered for this SOP Instance at the SCP.


Referenced SOP Class not supported: Storage Commitment has been requested for a SOP Instance with a SOP Class that is not supported by the SCP.


Duplicate Transaction UID: The Transaction UID of the Storage Commitment Request is already in use.


Resource limitation: The SCP does not currently have enough resources to store the requested SOP Instance(s).

[Specify whether your product supports the Storage Media File Set ID and UID Attributes in the N-ACTION-Request. If this is supported, also list the Media Application profiles supported in this context.]

[Specify whether the Retrieve AE title Attribute is supported and if so, what policies exist for its usage.]

[Describe the policies and nature of commitment of the product, e.g., the duration of storage, retrieve capabilities, latency, capacity, and other pertinent information.]

[Describe how long the product typically needs to send the N-EVENT-REPORT-RQ after the N-ACTION-RQ is received.]

DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance