DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance

N.4 Implementation Model

[Provide a short description of your implementation, including list of product names and versions that this DICOM Conformance Statement (DCS) intends to cover, as well as the use of DICOM Networking, DICOM Media Interchange and DICOM Web Services to achieve their purpose.]

[Also provide some high-level details of your product architecture, which are relevant to the interoperability features of the product (e.g., implementation of functionality in separate applications).]

N.4.1 Application Entities and Data Flow

The network and media interchange application model for the < Product> is shown in Figure N.4-1 <Product> Application Data Flow Diagram.

[Edit the Application Data Flow Diagram and description below as appropriate. Note that the Real-World Activity and Application Entity names specified in the figure must be used consistently throughout the document. If your product supports configurable AE definition, then describe the default configuration of AEs in this section. As a reminder, an AE is a representation of the external behavior of an application process in terms of DICOM network services, web services and/or media exchange capabilities implemented in one or more roles. A single device may have multiple Application Entities.]

<Product> Application Data Flow Diagram

Figure N.4-1.  <Product> Application Data Flow Diagram

[For each AE listed in Figure N.4-1 add one subsection A.4.1.x to describe the AE's DICOM functionality with regards to supported DIMSE, DICOM Web and Media Services, including the real-world activities that may trigger the service.]

[If your system supports flexible grouping of Services into Application Entities, keep the following paragraph, otherwise delete it]

This section describes the organization of the supported Services into Application Entities based on the default configuration of the system. This may change based on the actual setup at the customer site. See Section N.6 for details about the configurability of Services into AEs.

N.4.1.1 Functional Definition of <Application Entity 1>

[Provide a functional description of <Application Entity 1>, i.e., the DICOM Services (DIMSE, DICOM Web and Media Services), and supported roles, Real World Activities triggering the service and AE specific behavior.]

DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance