DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance

N.11.2.2 A.C.2.2 Audit Trail Messages

Table N.11-2 specifies the DICOM Audit Messages that <Product> can detect and report. It defines the list of triggers that will cause the Audit Message to be generated and if these triggers can be configured or not. It also specifies whether the content of the Audit Message can be configured or not.

[Indicate with Y (yes) or N (no) in the "Used" column to specify if your product supports the Audit Message. Then describe the list of triggers in the "Supported Triggers" column that make your product generate the Audit Message. Indicate with Y or N in the "Configurable Triggers" or "Configurable Message" columns whether these features are supported by your product.]

Table N.11-2. DICOM Specific Audit Messages

Audit Message


Supported Triggers

Configurable Triggers

Configurable Message


Application Activity

Audit Log Used

Begin Transferring DICOM Instances

Data Export

Data Import

DICOM Instance Accessed

DICOM Instance Transferred

DICOM Study Deleted

Network Entry


Security Alert

User Authentication

Order Record

Patient Record

Procedure Record

[Other Message]

[The following part of this section can be either defined in the DCS or defined as a reference to a Service/Security Manual instead. In either case, all private messages will be described in addition to standard defined messages. As an example, the following table format may be used to describe these messages in this document.]

Table N.11-3 specifies the implementation details of each audit message supported by this product.

Table N.11-3. Audit Message Details

Real-World Entities

Field Name


Value Constraints

Application Activity Message



EV (110100, DCM, "Application Activity")





Active Participant:

Application started (1)




[Any extension]

Audit Log Used Message

[Other message]

DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance