DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

L.1 Conformance Statement Overview

This fictional product EXAMPLE-RTV-SERVICE implements the DICOM-RTV services for sending video and associated metadata, to be consumed in real-time by other compliant devices. The EXAMPLE-RTV-SERVICE is only available as a plug in option for the EXAMPLE-INTEGRATED-MODALITY. All of the networking, database, and other services are provided by the EXAMPLE-INTEGRATED-MODALITY. This conformance claim refers to the conformance claim for the EXAMPLE-INTEGRATED-MODALITY for all such services.

Table L.1-1 provides an overview of the network services supported by EXAMPLE-RTV-SERVICE.

Table L.1-1. Network Services

Network Service

User of Service (SCU)

Provider of Service (SCP)

DICOM Real-Time Video (DICOM-RTV)




DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance