DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

K.4 Networking

K.4.1 Implementation Model

K.4.1.1 Application Data Flow

Application Data Flow Diagram

Figure K.4.1-1. Application Data Flow Diagram

The QIDO-RS Provider Application receives QIDO requests from a remote AE. These requests are HTTP GET requests. It is associated with the local real-world activity "Query Remote Device". It uses the request to select matching Studies, Series or Instances. It then returns a set of matching Studies, Series or Instances or a response code indicating warning or failure back to the requesting device.

K.4.1.2 Functional Definition of AEs

K. Functional Definition of QIDO Service Application

The reception of a QIDO-RS GET request will activate the QIDO-RS Provider. An internal query request is sent to the search capabilities of the associated PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). The search result is based upon the URL of the QIDO-RS GET request. The response is a status code indicating the success, warning, or failure of the search along with any matching results stored in the Remote PACS or VNA.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance