DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance
H. Association Policies
H. General

The MAR-SCP AE will never initiate Associations; it only accepts Association Requests from external DICOM AEs. The MAR-SCP AE will accept Associations for Verification (C-ECHO) and Substance Administration Logging (N-ACTION) requests.

The DICOM standard Application Context Name for DICOM is always accepted and proposed:

Table H.4.2-15. DICOM Application Context for MAR-SCP AE

Application Context Name


H. Number of Associations

The MAR-SCP AE can support multiple simultaneous Associations. Each time the MAR-SCP AE receives an Association, a child process will be spawned to process the Verification or Substance Administration Logging request. The maximum number of child processes, and thus the maximum number of simultaneous Associations that can be processed, is set by configuration. The default maximum number is 10 in total.

Table H.4.2-16. Number of Simultaneous Associations as an SCP for MAR-SCP AE

Maximum number of simultaneous Associations requested by peer AEs

10 (Configurable)

H. Asynchronous Nature

The MAR-SCP AE does not support asynchronous communication (multiple outstanding transactions over a single Association). All Association requests must be completed and acknowledged before a new operation can be initiated.

Table H.4.2-17. Asynchronous Nature as a SCP for MAR-SCP AE

Maximum number of outstanding asynchronous transactions

1 (Not Configurable)

H. Implementation Identifying Information

The implementation information for this Application Entity is:

Table H.4.2-18. DICOM Implementation Class and Version for MAR-SCP AE

Implementation Class UID


Implementation Version Name


Note that all EXAMPLE-MEDICATION-SYSTEM-GATEWAY AEs use the same Implementation Class UID and Implementation Version Name. This Version Name is updated with each new release of the product software, as the different AE versions are never released independently.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance