DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

D.5 Media Interchange

D.5.1 Implementation Model

D.5.1.1 Application Data Flow

Implementation Model

Figure D.5.1-1. Implementation Model

The application is a single pure Java application that provides a user interface, network support and media support as a File Set Reader.

Conceptually it may be modeled as the following single AE:

  • MEDIA-FSR, which loads a user-selected PS3.10 compliant file, which may be a DICOMDIR or an image or spectroscopy object, either from the local file system or from PS3.12 compliant media according to one of the General Purpose Media Application Profiles of PS3.11 (CD-R or DVD-RAM)

In effect, the application is media-neutral, since the user is required to browse and locate the DICOMDIR file. Furthermore, any DICOM image or spectroscopy object encoded in one of the standard uncompressed Transfer Syntaxes may be loaded, even in the absence of a PS3.10 compliant meta-information header, in which case a "best guess" at the Transfer Syntax will be made.

Compressed Transfer Syntaxes are not supported, which limits the Media Application Profiles supported.

D.5.1.2 Functional Definitions of AEs


MEDIA-FSR is activated through the user interface to select directories, images and spectra for display, import into the local database or network transmission.

D.5.1.3 Sequencing of Real-World Activities

All FSR activities are sequentially initiated in the user interface, and another activity may not be initiated until the prior activity has completed.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance