DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

D.5.2 AE Specifications


MEDIA-FSR provides standard conformance to the Media Storage Service Class.

Table D.5.2-1. Application Profiles, Activities, and Roles for MEDIA-FSR

Application Profiles Supported

Real World Activity



Load directory or file



Load directory or file



The application is media neutral and dependent on the underlying hardware. Any (non-secure) General Purpose Profile can be supported.

D. File Meta Information for the Application Entity

Not applicable, since MEDIA-FSR is not an FSC or FSU.

D. Real World Activities
D. Activity - Load Directory or File

MEDIA-FSR is activated through the user interface when a user selects the File load operation.

If the loaded file is a DICOMDIR, a browser will be displayed, from which instances may be selected and in turn loaded for display, imported into the local database or sent to a remote AE over the network.

If the file is an image or spectroscopy instance, it will be loaded and displayed.

D. Application Profile Specific Conformance

There are no extensions or specializations.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance