DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

C.8.3 Coded Terminology and Templates

DICOMRis's usage of Coding Schemes is specified in the table below. This table lists the Coding Schemes used by DICOMRis for attributes it originates. Usage of Controlled Terminology by Applications sending IODs to DICOMRis is discussed in the relevant SOP Specific Conformance sections above. The Procedure and Protocol Codes in the DICOMRis database can be exported to files and transferred across the network using the Configuration Utility. This allows Modalities to access and incorporate these codes if so desired.

Table C.8.1-4. DICOMRis Controlled Terminology Usage

SOP Class/Service

Attribute Name


Baseline Context ID

Coding Scheme


Scheduled Procedure Step Module


>Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence



LOINC, DICOMRis Procedure, site-supplied procedure codes or site-supplied protocol codes

At the option of the site, DICOMRis may be configured to associate LOINC, DICOMRis Internal codes or site-supplied procedure codes with the various procedures represented in their Item master file. The configured procedure code will be passed in this attribute unless the site has supplied and configured protocol codes to be associated with the respective procedures in addition to procedure codes. In this case the configured protocol code will be passed

Requested Procedure Module

Requested Procedure Code Sequence



LOINC, DICOMRis Procedure, site-supplied procedure codes

See remarks for Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence (0040,0040). The difference is that a procedure code is always passed in this attribute rather than a protocol code

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance