DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

B.5.2 AE Specifications

B.5.2.1 Offline-Media Application Entity Specification

The Offline-Media Application Entity provides standard conformance to the Media Storage Service Class. The Application Profiles and roles are listed below:

Table B.5.2-1. Application Profiles, Activities and Roles for Offline-Media

Application Profiles Supported

Real World Activity



Export to CD-R


B. File Meta Information for the Application Entity

The Source Application Entity Title included in the File Meta Header is configurable (see Section B.5.4).

B. Real-World Activities
B. Activity - Export to CD-R

The Offline-Media Application Entity acts as an FSC when requested to export SOP Instances from the local database to a CD-R medium.

A dialogue will be presented allowing the user to modify the suggested media label and provides control over the available media capacity. If the contents of the current selection do not fit on a single media an automatic separation into multiple export jobs will be suggested that can be adapted by the user.

The user will be prompted to insert an empty CD-R for each export job. The contents of the export job will be written together with a corresponding DICOMDIR to a single-session CD­R. Writing in multi-session mode is not supported. The user can cancel an export job in the job queue.

B. Media Storage Application Profiles

The Offline-Media Application Entity support the STD-GEN-CD Application Profile.

B. Options

The Offline-Media Application Entity supports the SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes listed in the Table below:

Table B.5.2-2. IODs, SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes for Offline­Media

Information Object Definition


Transfer Syntax

Transfer Syntax UID

Media Storage Directory Storage


Explicit VR Little Endian


X-Ray Radio Fluoroscopic Image Storage


Explicit VR Little Endian


Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage


Explicit VR Little Endian


DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance