DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

A.9.3 Coded Terminology and Templates

Support for Coded Terminology and templates shall be described here.

A.9.3.1 Context Groups

Each Context Group (i.e., use of coded terminology in a specific context) shall be specified here with its default value set, and whether the value set is configurable. The configurable options are specified.

Table A.9.3-1. Context Groups

Context Group

Default Value Set



Logical Context Identification

CID xxx | extended CID xxx | Private CID yyyy | None

No| Extensible|Replaceable

Description of method of selection of a term from the Context Group, and identification of the IOD, Attribute, and/or Content Item that uses the term

e.g., Acquisition Protocol Equipment Settings

e.g., None

e.g., Replaceable

e.g., Value of Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence (0040,0008) from selected Modality Worklist Scheduled Procedure Step is matched to this group for protocol-assisted equipment set-up.

Selected value from this group is used in Modality Performed Procedure Step Performed Protocol Code Sequence (0040,0260)

e.g., Patient Orientation

e.g., CID 19 “Patient Orientation”

e.g., No

e.g., Mapped from user console selection of Patient Orientation. Used in Patient Orientation Code Sequence (0054,0410)





The Default Value Set may be an extension of a standard context group ("extended CID xxx"). If used, a table shall be provided specifying the extended context group, the Context Group Local Version (0008,0107) value and the Context Group Creator UID (0008,010D).

This section describes the specification of any private context groups that are used. It shall follow the format for context groups specified in PS3.16.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance