DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

A.5.2 AE Specifications

The next section in the DICOM Conformance Statement is a set of Application Entity Specifications. There shall be one such specification for each Application Entity type.

A.5.2.1 "Application Entity <1>" - Specification

The following table, Table A.5.2-1, shows that for one or more Application Profiles in the first column, there are a number of Real-World Activities in the second column and the roles required for each of these Real-World Activities in the third column

Table A.5.2-1. AE Related Application Profiles, Real-World Activities, and Roles

Supported Application Profile

Real-World Activity







STD-AP1, AUG-AP2, etc.





This section shall also contain any general policies that apply to all of the AEs described in subsequent section.

A. File Meta Information for the "Application Entity <1>"

This section shall contain the values of the File Meta Information that pertain to the Application Entity (see PS3.10). These are:

  • Source Application Entity Title

If Private Information is used in the Application Profile File Meta Information, the following two File Meta Information attributes may be documented:

  • Private Information Creator UID

  • Private Information

A. Real-World Activities

The first sentence in this section shall state the Roles and Media Storage Service Class Options supported by the "Application Entity <1>".

A. "Real-World Activity <i>"

The AE Specification shall contain a description of the Real-World Activities, which invoke the particular AE. There will be one section, A. where i increments for each RWA, per Real-World Activity.

A. Media Storage Application Profile

The Application Profile that is used by the AE described in A.5.2-1 is specified in this section.

A. Options

The options used in the Application Profiled specified in Table A.5.2-1 shall be detailed in this section. There will be separate sections for each option specified for the AP. If there are no options used in the Application Profile specified in A.5.2.x, this section may be omitted.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance