DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance

A.4.4.2 Parameters

The specification of important operational parameters, and if configurable, their default value and range, shall be specified here. The parameters that apply to all Application Entities should be specified in a "General Parameters" section while those specific to particular Application Entities should be specified in separate sections specific to each AE. The following table, which is shown here with a recommended baseline of parameters, shall be used:

Table A.4.4-2. Configuration Parameters Table


Configurable (Yes/No)

Default Value

General Parameters

Time-out waiting for acceptance or rejection Response to an Association Open Request. (Application Level timeout)

General DIMSE level time-out values

Time-out waiting for response to TCP/IP connect request. (Low-level timeout)

Time-out waiting for acceptance of a TCP/IP message over the network. (Low-level timeout)

Time-out for waiting for data between TCP/IP packets. (Low-level timeout)

Any changes to default TCP/IP settings, such as configurable stack parameters.

Definition of arbitrarily chosen origins

Definition of constant values used in Dose Related Distance Measurements

Other configurable parameters

AE Specific Parameters

Size constraint in maximum object size (see note)

Maximum PDU size the AE can receive

Maximum PDU size the AE can send

AE specific DIMSE level time-out values

Number of simultaneous Associations by Service and/or SOP Class

<SOP Class support> (e.g., Multi-frame vs. single frame vs. SC support), when configurable

<Transfer Syntax support>, e.g., JPEG, Explicit VR, when configurable

Other parameters that are configurable


In particular when accommodating Multi-frame objects (e.g., Ultrasound Multi-frame, NM, XA, RF), a receiver might have a certain restriction with regard to its maximum length. This restriction should be specified here.

Additional configuration parameters such as hardware options for e.g., a printer shall be specified as well.

DICOM PS3.2 2022d - Conformance