DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance

7.4.3 Private Application Profile

A Private Application Profile:

To claim conformance to a Private Application Profile, an implementation shall make a declaration of this fact in its Conformance Statement, and shall provide a description of the Application Profile patterned after the descriptions in PS3.11. The implementation shall also identify its selected options, roles, and behavior.


An implementation that does not meet the provisions of Section 7, including the types of Application Profile, is not conformant to DICOM and so is outside the scope of DICOM conformance. Such an implementation is not an Application Profile in DICOM terminology. For example, if an implementation chooses to write DICOM files onto media that is not in PS3.12, or use a file system not defined for a specific media type in PS3.12, then that implementation cannot claim that it conforms to the DICOM Standard using that media or file system.

DICOM PS3.2 2024b - Conformance