DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance

N DICOM Conformance Statement Template (Normative)

This Annex provides a template for a DICOM Conformance Statement. For convenience a Microsoft Word version of this template can be found at: http://www.dicomstandard.org/resources/templates


This Annex defines the normative content of a DICOM Conformance Statement. Changes to this Annex may not be immediately reflected in the Microsoft Word version of this template. When the current release of DICOM PS3.2 and the Microsoft Word version of this template do not match, it is the responsibility of the editor of a DICOM Conformance Statement to ensure the correct current content is reflected in the created DICOM Conformance Statement.

The content and organization of DICOM Conformance Statements shall conform to this template.

The following formatting conventions are used in this template to guide Conformance Statement authors. Based on the format of the text used in the template, a DICOM Conformance Statement shall:


Some sections and tables mix text in multiple fonts. Each piece of text is treated accordingly to its font style.

The following conventions are used in this template to encourage uniformity that makes it easier for consumers to read Conformance Statements from different vendors and find specific pieces of information. A DICOM Conformance Statement shall:

The Annexes are mandatory parts of this template and shall be populated if applicable to the implementation. For example, the IOD definitions must be filled in if the implementation supports creation of DICOM SOP Instances.

If throughout the document any of the tables get too wide for portrait mode it is recommended to switch to landscape mode for the table.

Tables are split into subsections for better readability. If a subsection of the table is not supported, remove the complete subsection from the table.

If the DICOM Conformance Statement describes multiple products/versions in one document, the cover page should indicate which products/versions are covered.

Ensure spelling throughout the entire DICOM Conformance Statement is consistent with the DICOM Standard.

If this template contradicts normative statements in other Parts of the DICOM Standard, those other Parts take precedence.

The template content begins after this line.

[When using this template for creation of a DICOM Conformance Statement, start numbering the actual document content with Section 1 for the Overview, not with N.1.]

N.0 Cover Page

[A DICOM Conformance Statement shall have a cover page, which shall include:

  • The commercial name(s) and version(s) of the concerned product or products (if applicable to several products) including all optional features. The product version shall correspond to the functionality as described in this Conformance Statement.

  • Date of the document


DICOM PS3.2 2024c - Conformance