DICOM PS3.17 2019a - Explanatory Information

G Explanation of Grouping Criteria For Multi-frame Functional Group IODs (Informative)

This Annex was formerly located in Annex N “Explanation of Grouping Criteria for Multi-frame Functional Group IODs (Informative)” in PS3.3 in the 2003 and earlier revisions of the Standard.

When considering how to group an Attribute, one needs to consider first of all whether or not the values of an Attribute are different per frame. The reasons to consider whether to allow an Attribute to change include:

Once it is decided which Attributes should be changed within a multi-frame object then one needs to consider the criteria for grouping Attributes together:

Specific notes on Attribute grouping:

"Number of Averages" Attributes is in its own sequence because real-time applications may start a new averaging process every time a slice position/orientation changes. Each subsequent frame will average with the preceding N frames where N is chosen based on motion and time. Each frame collected at a particular position/orientation will have a different number of averages, but all other Attributes are likely to remain the same. This particular application drives this Attribute being in its own group.

DICOM PS3.17 2019a - Explanatory Information