DICOM PS3.12 2019a - Media Formats and Physical Media for Media Interchange


DICOM PS3.12 2019a - Media Formats and Physical Media for Media Interchange

DICOM Standards Committee

A DICOM® publication

Table of Contents

Notice and Disclaimer
1. Scope and Field of Application
2. Normative References
3. Definitions
4. Symbols and Abbreviations
5. Conventions
6. Relationship to the DICOM Media Storage Model
A. PC File System (Normative)
A.1. PC File System Mapping to Media Formats
A.1.1. File-set ID Mapping
A.1.2. File ID Mapping
A.1.3. File Management Information
A.2. Logical Format
B. 1.44 MB Diskette (Normative)
C. 90 mm 128MB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
D. 130 mm 650MB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
E. 130 mm 1.2GB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
F. 120mm CD-R Medium (Normative)
F.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Format
F.1.1. DICOM File-set
F.1.2. DICOM File ID Mapping
F.1.2.1. File ID
F.1.2.2. DICOMDIR File
F.1.3. DICOM File Management Information
F.2. Media Formats
F.2.1. Physical Format
F.2.1.1. Sector Format
F.2.1.2. Multi-session Format
F.2.2. Logical Format
F.2.2.1. System Identifier Field
F.2.2.2. System and Volume Descriptor Area
F.3. Physical Media
G. 90 mm 230MB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
H. 90 mm 540MB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
I. 130 mm 2.3GB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
J. UDF on 120 mm DVD-RAM Medium (Normative)
J.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Format
J.1.1. Media Character Set
J.1.2. DICOM File-set
J.1.3. DICOM File ID Mapping
J.1.3.1. File ID
J.1.3.2. DICOMDIR File
J.1.4. DICOM File Management Information
J.2. File System
J.2.1. UDF File System
J.2.1.1. Interchange Levels
J.2.1.2. Virtual Partition Map and Allocation Tables
J.2.1.3. Sparable Partition Maps and Sparing Tables
J.2.1.4. System Dependent Requirements
J.2.1.5. Permissions and File Characteristics
J.2.1.6. File Types
J.3. Media Formats
J.3.1. DVD-RAM
J.3.1.1. DVD-RAM Physical Format
J. DVD-RAM Sector Format
J.3.1.2. DVD-RAM Logical Format
J.3.1.3. DVD-RAM Physical Media
K. DICOM MIME Media (Normative)
K.1. DICOM Mapping to MIME Formats
K.1.1. DICOM File Set
K.1.2. DICOM File
K.3. Logical Format
L. RFC3240 - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (dicom) - Application/dicom MIME Sub-type Registration (Informative)
L.2. Example 1: Simple DICOM File MIME Message (Informative)
L.3. Example 2: DICOM File Set MIME Message (Informative)
M. 130 mm 4.1GB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
M.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
M.2. Media Formats
M.2.1. Recording Format
M.2.2. Logical Format
M.3. Physical Media
N. 640 MB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
O. 1.3 GB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
P. 120 mm DVD Medium (Normative)
P.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Format
P.1.1Media. Character Set
P.1.2. DICOM File-set
P.1.3. DICOM File ID Mapping
P.1.3.1. File ID
P.1.3.2. DICOMDIR File
P.1.4. DICOM File Management Information
P.2. File System
P.2.1. UDF File System
P.2.1.1. Interchange Levels
P.2.1.2. Virtual Partition Map and Allocation Tables
P.2.1.3. Sparable Partition Maps and Sparing Tables
P.2.1.4. System Dependent Requirements
P.2.1.5. Permissions and File Characteristics
P.2.1.6. File Types
P.2.2. ISO 9660 File System
P.2.2.1. Extended Attributes, Permissions and File Characteristics
P.3. Media Formats
P.3.1. DVD
P.3.1.1. DVD Physical Format
P. DVD Sector Format
P.3.1.2. DVD Logical Format
P.3.1.3. DVD Physical Media
Q. 90 mm 2.3 GB Magneto-Optical Disk (Normative)
Q.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
Q.2. Media Formats
Q.2.1. Recording Format
Q.2.2. Logical Format
Q.3. Physical Media
R. USB Connected Removable Devices
R.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
R.1.1. File System
R.2. Media Formats
R.2.1. Partitioning
R.3. Physical Media Interface
S. CompactFlash Removable Devices
S.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
S.1.1. File System
S.2. Media Formats
S.2.1. Partitioning
S.3. Physical Media Interface
T. Multimedia Card Removable Devices
T.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
T.1.1. File System
T.2. Media Formats
T.2.1. Partitioning
T.3. Physical Media Interface
U. Secure Digital Card Removable Devices
U.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Formats
U.1.1. File System
U.2. Media Formats
U.2.1. Partitioning
U.3. Physical Media Interface
V. ZIP File Media (Normative)
V.1. DICOM Mapping to ZIP File
V.1.1. DICOM File-set
V.1.2. DICOM File ID Mapping
V.1.2.1. File ID
V.2. Logical Format
W. Email Media (Normative)
W.1. Email Media
W.2. Media Interchange Application Entities
W.2.1. Sender of the Email
W.2.2. Recipient of the Email
X. 120 mm BD Medium (Normative)
X.1. DICOM Mapping to Media Format
X.1.1. Media Character Set
X.1.2. DICOM File-set
X.1.3. DICOM File ID Mapping
X.1.3.1. File ID
X.1.3.2. DICOMDIR File
X.1.4. DICOM File Management Information
X.2. File system
X.2.1. UDF File System
X.2.1.1. Interchange Levels
X.2.1.2. Virtual Partition Maps and Allocation Tables
X.2.1.3. Sparable Partition Maps and Sparing Tables
X.2.1.4. System Dependent Requirements
X.2.1.5. Permissions and File Characteristics
X.2.1.6. File Types
X.3. Media Formats
X.3.1. Blu-ray Disc™
X.3.1.1. BD Physical Format
X. BD Sector Format
X.3.1.2. BD Logical Format
X.3.1.3. BD Physical Media

List of Figures

6-1. Media Supporting a Single File-set
6-2. Media Supporting Multiple File-sets

List of Tables

A.1-1. PC File System File Information
A.2-1. Boot Sector
M.2-1. Boot Parameter Values for 130mm 4.1GB Magneto-Optical Disk
Q.2-1. Boot Parameter Values for 90mm 2.3 GB Magneto-Optical Disk
DICOM PS3.12 2019a - Media Formats and Physical Media for Media Interchange