DICOM PS3.11 2019a - Media Storage Application Profiles

A Basic Cardiac X-Ray Angiographic Application Profile (Normative)

A.1 Class and Profile Identification

This Annex defines an Application Profile Class for Basic Cardiac X-Ray Angiographic clinical applications.

The identifier for this class shall be STD-XABC. This annex is concerned only with cardiac angiography.

The specific Application Profile in this class is shown in the Table A.1-1.


This table contains only a single Application Profile. It is expected that additional Application Profiles may be added to PS3.11.

Table A.1-1. Basic Cardiac XA Profile

Application Profile



Basic Cardiac X-Ray Angiographic Studies on CD-R Media


It handles single frame or multi-frame digital images up to 512x512x8 bits; biplane acquisitions are encoded as two single plane information objects.

DICOM PS3.11 2019a - Media Storage Application Profiles