DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions

F.5.32 Encapsulated Document Directory Record Definition

The Directory Record is based on the specification of Section F.3. It is identified by a Directory Record Type of Value "ENCAP DOC." Table F.5-32 lists the set of keys with their associated Types for such a Directory Record Type. The description of these keys may be found in the Modules related to the Encapsulated Document IE of Encapsulated IODs. This Directory Record shall be used to reference an Encapsulated Document SOP Instance. This type of Directory Record may reference a Lower-Level Directory Entity that includes one or more Directory Records as defined in Table F.4-1.


Other Encapsulated Document SOP Classes may be added to the Standard in the future and these will likely be referenced by this directory record. Therefore, the MIME Type should be checked rather than assuming that the referenced file contains PDF.

Table F.5-32. Encapsulated Document Keys




Attribute Description

Specific Character Set



Required if an extended or replacement character set is used in one of the keys.

Content Date



The date the content creation started.

Content Time



The time the content creation started.

Instance Number



A number that identifies this instance

Document Title



The title of the document.

HL7 Instance Identifier



Instance Identifier from the referenced HL7 Structured Document, encoded as a UID (OID or UUID), concatenated with a caret ("^") and Extension value (if Extension is present in Instance Identifier).

Required if encapsulated document is an HL7 Structured Document.

Concept Name Code Sequence



A coded representation of the document title.

Zero or one Item shall be included in this Sequence.

>Include Table 8.8-1 “Code Sequence Macro Attributes”

BCID 7020 “Document Titles”.

MIME Type of Encapsulated Document



The type of the encapsulated document stream described using the MIME Media Type (see RFC 2046).

Any other Attribute of the Encapsulated Document Module except Encapsulated Document (0042,0011)


DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions