DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions
C. CT Pixel Value Transformation Macro

Table C.8-126 specifies the Attributes of the CT Pixel Value Transformation Functional Group Macro.


  1. This Macro is equivalent to the Modality LUT transformation in non Multi-frame IODs.

  2. This in effect specializes the Section C. Pixel Value Transformation Macro.

Table C.8-126. CT Pixel Value Transformation Macro Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Pixel Value Transformation Sequence



Contains the Attributes involved in the transformation of stored pixel values.

Only a single Item shall be included in this Sequence.

>Rescale Intercept



The value b in relationship between stored values (SV) and the output units.

Output units = m*SV + b.

>Rescale Slope



m in the equation specified by Rescale Intercept (0028,1052).

>Rescale Type



Specifies the output units of Rescale Slope (0028,1053) and Rescale Intercept (0028,1052).

See Section C. for further explanation.

If Frame Type (0008,9007) Value 1 of this frame is ORIGINAL and Frame Type (0008,9007) Value 3 is not LOCALIZER, the value shall be HU (Hounsfield Units).

DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions