DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions

C.34.13 Defined Storage Module

Table C.34.13-1 contains specification of acceptable values and ranges of storage parameters for an imaging procedure. Storage protocol elements may be used to automatically send the output of particular protocol elements to particular destinations. For example, a lung protocol might send thick images to PACS for reading and thin images to a CAD workstation for detection of nodules; a cardiac protocol might send an image set to a clinical analysis workstation; and a protocol used for pre-operative hip replacement planning might send images to the orthopedics department.

Table C.34.13-1. Defined Storage Module Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Storage Protocol Element Specification Sequence



Specification of the parameters for storage of imaging data.

There shall be one Item in this Sequence for each Storage Protocol Element. See Section C.34.13.1.

One or more Items shall be included in this Sequence.

>Protocol Element Number



The Protocol Element Number of the Storage Protocol Element being specified in this Item.

>Parameters Specification Sequence



Constraints on storage parameters.

One or more Items are permitted in this Sequence.

>>Include Table 10.25-1 “Attribute Value Constraint Macro Attributes”

Only Attributes defined in Table C.34.14-1 (i.e., in the Storage Protocol Element Sequence (0018,9936) in the Performed Storage Module) and Private Data Elements associated with this storage protocol element may be specified as Selector Attributes.

The semantics of values of Constraint Violation Significance (0082,0036) in the Macro are assigned in Section C.34.9.3.

The same Attribute shall not appear in more than one Item in the Sequence with the same values for Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) and Selector Sequence Pointer Items (0074,1057).

>>Modifiable Constraint Flag



Whether this constraint may be encoded in a derived instance with a different value. See Section C.34.9.4.

Required if the constraint may not be modified, may be present otherwise.

Enumerated Values:


The constraint may be modified.


The constraint may not be modified.

Attributes that might be specified here include:

C.34.13.1 Storage Protocol Elements

A CT Protocol frequently specifies multiple storage protocol elements. For example, thin slices may be transmitted to a 3D workstation, while raw data is stored on a local cache and thick slices are stored to PACS for reading.

DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions