DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions

C.28 Color Palette Modules

C.28.1 Color Palette Definition Module

Table C.28.1-1 specifies the Attributes that describe and identify a Color Palette.

Table C.28.1-1. Color Palette Definition Module Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Include Table 10-12 “Content Identification Macro Attributes”

See Section C.

C.28.1.1 Attribute Descriptions

C. Content Identification

Content Label (0070,0080) is intended to be a short human-readable label for a palette, suitable for rendering in a pick-list for the user to choose from. For standard palettes with well-known SOP Instance UIDs, values for this Attribute are pre-defined by the Standard.

Descriptions of the palette may also be encoded. A means for providing alternate representations of descriptions for use in specific languages is also provided.

DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions