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C.18.6 Spatial Coordinates Macro

Table C.18.6-1 specifies the Attributes that convey Spatial Coordinates in an SCOORD Content Item. An SCOORD Content Item shall always be the Source Content Item of one or more SELECTED FROM Relationships with IMAGE Target Content Items. Each IMAGE Target Content Item shall contain a reference to one single-frame or multi-frame Image.


The same set of spatial coordinates may be selected from more than one single-frame image, or more than one frame of a multi-frame image when the purpose of reference is applicable to multiple images. For example, the spatial coordinates may specify the outline of a sampling region at the same spatial location on multiple images acquired over time.

Table C.18.6-1. Spatial Coordinates Macro Attributes

Attribute Name



Attribute Description

Graphic Data



An ordered set of (column,row) pairs that denote positions in an image specified with sub-pixel resolution such that the origin at the TLHC of the TLHC pixel is 0.0\0.0, the BRHC of the TLHC pixel is 1.0\1.0, and the BRHC of the BRHC pixel is Columns\Rows. The values must be within the range 0\0 to Columns\Rows. The maximum values are those contained in the referenced image in Attributes Columns (0028,0011) and Rows (0028,0010), or in the case of spatial coordinates with Pixel Origin Interpretation (0048,0301) value VOLUME, in Attributes Total Pixel Matrix Columns (0048,0006) and Total Pixel Matrix Rows (0048,0007).

See Section C. for further explanation.

Graphic Type



See Section C. for Enumerated Values.

Pixel Origin Interpretation



For a referenced multi-frame image, specifies whether the Graphic Data (0070,0022) values are to be interpreted relative to the individual frame pixel origins, or relative to the Total Pixel Matrix origin (see Section C.

Required if the value of Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) of the referenced image is 1.2.840.10008. (VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image). May be present otherwise.

Enumerated Values:


relative to individual frame


relative to Total Image Matrix

If not present, Graphic Data values are defined relative to the frame pixel origin.

Fiducial UID



The globally unique identifier for this fiducial Item.


The fiducial UID can be used to associate this set of graphics with other Content Items.

C.18.6.1 Spatial Coordinates Macro Attribute Descriptions

C. Graphic Data

Graphic Data may be used to associate an anatomic or spatial Concept with a defined subset of one or more images. Graphic Data may be explicitly defined as a single point (i.e., to denote the epicenter of an anatomic site or lesion) or more than one point (i.e., representing a set of points or an open or closed polygon).


Spatial coordinates may be used to associate observational data with a set of Image features. Spatial coordinates also may be used to convey coordinates that are input data for a measurement.

C. Graphic Type

When annotation applies to an image, this Attribute defines the type of geometry of the annotated region of interest.

Enumerated Values:


a single pixel denoted by a single (column,row) pair


multiple pixels each denoted by an (column,row) pair


a series of connected line segments with ordered vertices denoted by (column,row) pairs; if the first and last vertices are the same it is a closed polygon


a circle defined by two (column,row) pairs. The first point is the central pixel. The second point is a pixel on the perimeter of the circle.


an ellipse defined by four pixel (column,row) pairs, the first two points specifying the endpoints of the major axis and the second two points specifying the endpoints of the minor axis of an ellipse

DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions