DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions

B.29 Display System Information Object Definition

B.29.1 IOD Description

An instance of the Display System IOD describes all of the Display Subsystems in a given Display System.

Display Subsystems are described in terms of their equipment identification, display performance (luminance, uniformity, etc.) and the corresponding configurations. Although a variety of components (controllers, cables, display devices, etc.) contribute to the performance of the Display Subsystem to which they belong, these details are not exposed in the abstraction of the Display Subsystem. Similarly, each Display Subsystem is addressed independently even though one controller might drive display devices in multiple Display Subsystems or multiple controllers might drive a single display device. Effectively, the Display Subsystem represents the display device and any components involved behind it.

The IOD only describes emissive display systems.


Hanging Protocols manage Screens based on their physical location and arrangement. This IOD does not describe the spatial positioning of Display Devices. There is usually a 1:1 relationship between a Display Subsystem in this IOD and a Hanging Protocol Screen.

Table B.29-1. Display System IOD Modules



Module Description

SOP Common


Contains SOP Common information.

Display System


Describes the Display System. The Display System has one or more Display Subsystem. A Display Subsystem corresponds to one Display Device.

Target Luminance Characteristics


Describes the target luminance characteristics of the Display Subsystem(s)

QA Results


Describes the results of QA performed on the Display Subsystem(s).

DICOM PS3.3 2019a - Information Object Definitions