DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance

I.4 Networking

I.4.1 Implementation Model

I.4.1.1 Application Data Flow

Application Data Flow Diagram

Figure I.4.1-1. Application Data Flow Diagram

The WADO Service Application receives WADO requests from a remote AE. These requests may be either over the URI, WS or RS interfaces. It is associated with the local real-world activity "Retrieve Images". It converts these requests into internal lookup functions to find the matching SOP Instances. It then obtains these matching SOP Instances and composes a response back to the requesting remote AE.

I.4.1.2 Functional Definition of AEs

I. Functional Definition of WADO Service Application

The reception of a WADO request will activate the AE. An internal request is sent to the search capabilities of the EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE. This request is based upon the request parameters or the URL resource end point from the WADO request. The response is a list of all SOP instances stored on the EXAMPLE-PACS-ARCHIVE that match the request parameters. If there are no matching instances, the AE will indicate this in the WADO response. For all matching instances, the AE will utilize the internal image transfer request to obtain a copy of each instance. If the request was for retrieval of instances, these instances will be returned. If the request was for retrieval of rendered instances, then the AE will render each instance and return the rendered results.

DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance