DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance

E.4.4 Configuration

E.4.4.1 AE Title/Presentation Address Mapping

E4.4.1.1 Local AE Titles

All local applications use the AETs and TCP/IP Ports configured via the Service/Installation Tool. The Field Service Engineer can configure the IP Address via the Service/Installation Tool. No Default AE Titles are provided. The AE Titles must be configured during installation. The local AET used by each individual application can be configured independently of the AET used by other local applications. If so configured, all local AEs are capable of using the same AET.

The EXAMPLE-PRINT-SERVER-MANAGEMENT is configured via the Configuration Service/Installation Tool as follows

Table E.4.4-1. AE Title Configuration Table

Application Entity

Default AE Title

Default TCP/IP Port


Must be configured


E. Remote AE Title/Presentation Address Mapping

The AET, host names and port numbers of remote applications are configured using the EXAMPLE-PRINT-SERVER-MANAGEMENT Service/Installation Tool.

E. Print Server Management

The EXAMPLE-PRINT-SERVER-MANAGEMENT Service/Installation tool must be used to set the AETs, port-numbers, host-names, Local Network Host Name, Router Address(Gateway), Sub-net Mask, IP-addresses (if no DHCP is used) and other capabilities for the remote Print SCUs. Multiple remote Print SCUs can be defined.

DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance