DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance

C.4.4 Configuration

C.4.4.1 AE Title/Presentation Address Mapping

The AE Title and port of DICOMSRV is configurable by the user from a GUI-based configuration application. The IP Address is picked by the site and may be changed by a Field Engineer.

C. Local AE Titles

Table C.4.2-13. AE Title Configuration Table

Application Entity

Default AE Title

Default TCP/IP Port


Must be configured


C. Remote AE Title/Presentation Address Mapping

The AE Titles, host names, port numbers and supported Presentation Contexts of remote applications are configured in file DICOMSRV.cfg. This file is referenced by DICOMTool's software when API calls are made to create Associations to remote AEs

DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance