DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance

A.3.3 Remarks

Any important remarks, disclaimers, and general information are specified. The following example may be used as a template:

The scope of this DICOM Conformance Statement is to facilitate integration between <Product Name> and other DICOM products. The Conformance Statement should be read and understood in conjunction with the DICOM Standard. DICOM by itself does not guarantee interoperability. The Conformance Statement does, however, facilitate a first-level comparison for interoperability between different applications supporting compatible DICOM functionality.

This Conformance Statement is not supposed to replace validation with other DICOM equipment to ensure proper exchange of intended information. In fact, the user should be aware of the following important issues:

If the product has an IHE Integration Statement, the following statement may be applicable:

<Product Name> has participated in an industry-wide testing program sponsored by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). The IHE Integration Statement for <Product Name>, together with the IHE Technical Framework, may facilitate the process of validation testing.

DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance