DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance

7.4 Rules Governing Types of Application Profiles

Application Profile used in a Conformance Statement shall be of one of three basic types. Each Application Profile in an implementation claiming conformance to the DICOM Standard shall be handled in accordance with the following rules, as dictated by the type of Application Profile.

7.4.1 Standard Application Profile

A Standard Application Profile shall:

  1. conform to all relevant Parts of DICOM with no changes;

  2. support only one of the Physical Media and associated Media Format, as specified by PS3.12.

To claim conformance to a Standard Application Profile, an implementation shall make a declaration of this fact in its Conformance Statement, and identify its selected options, roles, and behavior.

An implementation of a Standard Application Profile may extend Standard SOP Classes of this Standard application profile. Such Standard Extended SOP Classes shall meet the requirements specified in Section 7.3.

DICOM PS3.2 2016c - Conformance