R.5 Shutdown

R.5.1 Shutdown

The lease timeouts eventually release the IP address at DHCP, which can then update DNS to indicate that the host is down. Clients that utilize the hostname information in the LDAP database will initially experience reports of connection failure; and then after DNS is updated, they will get errors indicating the device is down when they attempt to use it. Clients that use the IP entry directly will experience reports of connection failure.

R.5.2 Online/offline

A device may be deliberately placed offline in the LDAP database to indicate that it is unavailable and will remain unavailable for an extended period of time. This may be utilized during system installation so that pre-configured systems can be marked as offline until the system installation is complete. It can also be used for systems that are down for extended maintenance or upgrades. It may be useful for equipment that is on mobile vans and only present for certain days.

For this purpose a separate Installed attribute has been given to devices, Network AEs, and Network Connections so that it can be manually managed.