N.2 Measurement Terminology Composition

DICOM identifies echocardiography observations with various degrees of pre- and post-coordination. The concept name of the base content item typically specifies both anatomy and property for commonly used terms, or purely a property. Pure property concepts require an anatomic site concept modifier. Pure property concepts such as those in CID 12222 “Orifice Flow Properties” and CID 12239 “Cardiac Output Properties” use concept modifiers shown below.

Concept Name of Modifier

Value Set

(G-C036, SRT, "Measurement Method")

CID 12227 “Echocardiography Measurement Method”

(G-C0E3, SRT, "Finding Site")

CID 12236 “Echo Anatomic Sites”

(G-A1F8, SRT, "Topographical Modifier")

CID 12237 “Echocardiography Anatomic Site Modifiers”

(G-C048, SRT, "Flow Direction")

CID 12221 “Flow Direction”

(R-40899, SRT, "Respiratory Cycle Point")

CID 12234 “Respiration State”

(R-4089A, SRT, "Cardiac Cycle Point")

CID 12233 “Cardiac Phase”

(121401, DCM, "Derivation")

CID 3627 “Measurement Type”

Further qualification specifies the image mode and the image plane using HAS ACQ CONTEXT with the value sets shown below.

Concept Name

Value Set

(G-0373, SRT, "Image Mode")

CID 12224 “Ultrasound Image Modes”

(111031, DCM, "Image View")

CID 12226 “Echocardiography Image View”