HHH.5 IHE ITI Compatibility

There is a strong desire that the ITI Transaction RAD-69 be a proper implementation of the DICOM WS-* transaction. Note that RAD-69 is not the entire suite of XD* transactions. It is the "Retrieve Imaging Document Set" transaction.

The RAD-69 transaction is quite simple, can be difficult to find all the parts of the ITI documentation. In summary, the RAD-69 transaction is a WS request to the IHE "RequestDocumentSet" action and related endpoints. The request is a list of "DocumentRequest", each "DocumentRequest" has three elements: required OID, required RepositoryID, and optional CommunityID. The response is a list of "DocumentResponse". Each "DocumentResponse" has four elements: required OID, required RepositoryID, required Document, and optional CommunityID.

The mapping to DICOM for OID would be SOP Instance UID, and Document the DICOM contents. RepositoryID is analogous to the AE Title. It is not a perfect mapping. IHE considers the configuration where one system acts as a front end for multiple other systems, each identified by a RepositoryID. The CommunityID is an extension of this to "communities" that exchange data through gateways. The gateways will use the RepositoryID to identify internal repository systems.

RAD-69 requires no understanding of document contents. They are binary blobs that are identified by an OID.