CCC.5 IOL Calculation Results Example

Figure CCC.5-1 demonstrates a typical display of IOL (intraocular lens) calculation results.

IOL Calculation Results Example

Figure CCC.5-1. IOL Calculation Results Example

On the right the selected target refractive correction (e.g., glasses, contact lenses, etc.) is -0.25 diopters. At the top of the table three possible intraocular lens models are displayed, along with the constants (CID 4237 “Lens Constant Type”) specific to those lens models. Each row in that part of the table displays constants required for a particular formula. In this example the Holladay formula has been selected by the operator, and results are displayed in the body of the table below. Calculated intraocular lens powers are displayed with the predicted postoperative refractive error (e.g., glasses, contact lenses, etc.) for each lens. K1 and K2 on the right refer to the keratometry values (corneal curvature), in diopters, used for these calculations.