C.7 Harmonization With SCP-ECG

The SCP-ECG standard is designed for recording routine resting electrocardiograms. Such ECGs are reviewed prior to cardiac imaging procedures, and a typical use case would be for SCP-ECG waveforms to be translated to DICOM for inclusion with the full cardiac imaging patient record.

SCP-ECG provides for either simultaneous or non-simultaneous recording of the channels, but does not provide a multiplexed data format (each channel is separately encoded). When translating to DICOM, each subset of simultaneously recorded channels may be encoded in a Waveform Sequence Item (multiplex group), and the delay to the recording of each multiplex group shall be encoded in the Multiplex Group Time Offset (0018,1068).

The electrode configuration of SCP-ECG Section 1 may be translated to the DICOM Acquisition Context (0040,0555) sequence items using TID 3401 “ECG Acquisition Context” and Context Groups 3263 and 3264.

The lead identification of SCP-ECG Section 3, a term coded as an unsigned integer, may be translated to the DICOM Waveform Channel Source (003A,0208) coded sequence using CID 3001 “ECG Leads”.

Pacemaker spike records of SCP-ECG Section 7 may be translated to items in the Waveform Annotations Sequence (0040,B020) with a code term from CID 3335 “ECG Annotations”. The annotation sequence item may record the spike amplitude in its Numeric Value and Measurement Units attributes.