A.2 DICOM Application Context Name Encoding and Registration

The Application Context Name structure is based on the OSI Object Identification (numeric form) as defined by ISO 8824. Specific rules are defined in PS3.5. Application Context Names are registered values as defined by ISO 9834-1 to ensure global uniqueness. Application Context Names shall be encoded as defined in PS3.8.

A.2.1 DICOM Registered Application Context Names

The organization responsible for the definition and registration of DICOM Application Context Names is ACR-NEMA. ACR-NEMA guarantees uniqueness for all DICOM Application Context Names. A choice of DICOM registered Application Context Names related to a specific version of DIMSE, as well as the associated negotiation rules, are defined in this annex.

A single DICOM Application Context Name is defined for this version of this Standard. This name is "1.2.840.10008."

A.2.2 Privately Defined Application Context Names

Privately defined Application Context Names may also be used, but they will not be registered by ACR-NEMA. Organizations that define private Application Context Names are responsible to obtain their proper registration as defined for OSI Object Identifiers. National Standards Organizations representing a number of countries (e.g., UK, France, Germany, Japan, USA, etc.) to the International Standards Organization act as a registration authority as defined by ISO 9834-1.


For example, in the USA, ANSI assigns Organization Identifiers to any requesting organization. This identifier is made of a series of four numeric elements; 1 (identifies ISO), 2 (identifies the ISO member bodies branch), 840 (identifies ANSI as the ISO member body representing the USA), and xxxxxx (identifies a specific organization and is issued by ANSI). Such an identifier may be used by the identified organization as a root to which it may add a suffix made of one or more numeric elements. The identified organization accepts the responsibility to properly register these suffixes to ensure uniqueness.

Privately defined Application Context Names shall be encoded as defined in PS3.8. The Organization identifier "1.2.840.10008" is reserved for DICOM and shall not be used for privately defined Application Context Names.