I.7 Security

EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE supports transport level security measures for URI and RS access, and the WS-Security services for WS access.

The EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE supports the following transport level security measures:

The transport level security measures are the support for bi-directional authentication using TLS connections. The EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE can provide it's certificate information, and can be configured with either a direct comparison (self-signed) certificate or a chain of trust certificate.

The EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE will refuse a connection over TLS from a source that does not have a recognized authentication. For example, a certificate authenticated by "Big Bank Corp." will not be accepted unless the EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE has been configured to accept authentications from "Big Bank Corp." The list of acceptable certificates for EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE is not shared with certificates used by other system applications and must be maintained independently.

The EXAMPLE-WADO-SERVICE can optionally be configured to support the following session authentication mechanisms: