H.3 Introduction

H.3.1 Revision History

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October 30, 2006


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August 30, 2007

WG 6

Revised Introduction

H.3.2 Audience,Remarks,Terms and Definitions, Basics of DICOM Communication, Abbreviations, References

See example text in Section A.3.

H.3.3 Additional Remarks for This Example

The EXAMPLE-MEDICATION-SYSTEM-GATEWAY relies on the associated, but independent, Pharmacy and Medication Administration Record Systems to fulfill the medical application functions implicit in the DICOM services supported. In particular, these functions are part of a critical patient safety workflow. However, those patient safety functions are not specified by DICOM, and they are not fully described by this Conformance Statement. Please see the product specifications of the Pharmacy and Medication Administration Record Systems for full details on the clinical decision support and records management features of those systems.

This document is a sample DICOM Conformance Statement created for DICOM PS3.2. It is to be used solely as an example to illustrate how to create a DICOM Conformance Statement for a server supporting the DICOM Substance Administration Information Services. The subject of the document, EXAMPLE-MEDICATION-SYSTEM-GATEWAY, is a fictional product.