D.8 Annexes

D.8.1 IOD Contents

D.8.1.1 Created SOP Instances


D.8.1.2 Usage of Attributes From Received IODs

No SOP Class specific fields are required.

The local database, remote query and directory browsers make use of the conventional identification attributes to distinguish patients, studies, series and instances. In particular, if two patients have the same value for Patient ID, they will be treated as the same in the browser and the local database.

D.8.1.3 Attribute Mapping

Not applicable.

D.8.1.4 Coerced/Modified Fields

No coercion is performed.

D.8.2 Data Dictionary of Private Attributes

No private attributes are defined.

D.8.3 Coded Terminology and Templates

The value for Code Meaning will be displayed for all code sequences. No local lexicon is provided to look up alternative code meanings.

D.8.4 Grayscale Image Consistency

The high resolution display monitor attached to the product can be calibrated according to the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF). The Service/Installation Tool is used together with a luminance meter to measure the Characteristic Curve of the display system and the current ambient light. See the product Service Manual for details on the calibration procedure and supported calibration hardware. The result of the calibration procedure is a Monitor Correction LUT that will be active within the display subsystem after a system reboot.

D.8.5 Standard Extended/Specialized/Private SOP Classes


D.8.6 Private Transfer Syntaxes