C.1 Conformance Statement Overview

Hospital Systems' DICOMRis is a suite of applications that implement a full-featured Radiology Information System (RIS). DICOMRis includes features typically associated with a RIS, including interfaces to various Hospital Information Systems, Patient Tracking, Results Reporting, Film Tracking, Management Reporting, PACS Integration, etc. The DICOMRis GUI-based client application, RisView, runs on a Windows 95/98/NT platform; the server platform is Digital Unix.

As part of PACS Integration DICOMRis supports several DICOM Service Classes, using DICOMTool's DICOM Toolkit, to provide the following capabilities:

Allowing Modalities to query for worklists of procedures to be performed and for patient and procedure demographics. DICOMRis processes these queries by directly accessing the DICOMRis database, which is automatically updated with appropriate data through the normal operations of the RIS.

Updating the DICOMRis database in response to Procedure Step transactions initiated by Modalities as they perform examinations. Relevant data contained in these transactions may be viewed using RisView.

Table C.1-1. Network Services

SOP Classes

User of Service (SCU)

Provider of Service (SCP)

Workflow Management

Modality Worklist



Modality Performed Procedure Step