7.6 Security Profiles

DICOM specifies methods for providing security at different levels of the ISO OSI Basic Reference Model through the use of mechanisms specific to a particular layer. The methods for applying these mechanisms are described in the various parts of the DICOM Standard. Some mechanisms and algorithms are specified in PS3.15 as Security Profiles. An implementation's Conformance Statement describes which Security Profiles can be used by that application.


For example, the Basic TLS Secure Transport Connection Profile defines a mechanism for authenticating entities participating in the exchange of data, and for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of information during interchange.

An implementation shall list in its Conformance Statement any Security Profiles that it supports, how it selects which Security Profiles it uses, how it uses features of that Security Profile, and any extensions it makes to that Security Profile.

An implementation shall list in its Conformance Statement any additional use of the User Identity association negotiation sub-item that is not specified in a standard Security Profile.