E Conformance Statement Example Print Server (Informative)


This document is a sample DICOM Conformance Statement for a fictional Print Server (SCP) Management System, called EXAMPLE-PRINT-SERVER-MANAGEMENT (also called Print Server) produced by a fictional vendor called EXAMPLE-IMAGING-PRODUCTS.

As stated in the annex title, this document is truly informative, and not normative. A conformance statement of an actual product might implement additional services and options as appropriate for its specific purpose. In addition, an actual product might implement the services described in a different manner and, for example, with different characteristics and/or sequencing of activities. In other words, this conformance statement example does not intend to standardize a particular manner that a product might implement DICOM functionality.

E.0 Cover Page

Company Name: EXAMPLE-Printing­PRODUCTS.


Version: 1.0-rev. A.1

Internal document number: 4226-xxx-yyy-zzz rev 1