D Conformance Statement Sample DICOM Image Viewer (Informative)


This document is an example DICOM Conformance Statement for a fictional image display device for DICOM images and spectroscopy objects obtained over the network, from interchange media, or from PS3.10 files loaded from the local file system.

As stated in the annex title, this document is truly informative, and not normative. A conformance statement of an actual product might implement additional services and options as appropriate for its specific purpose. In addition, an actual product might implement the services described in a different manner and, for example, with different characteristics and/or sequencing of activities. In other words, this conformance statement example does not intend to standardize a particular manner that a product might implement DICOM functionality.

D.0 Cover Page

Company Name: EXAMPLE-Viewing ­PRODUCTS.

Product Name: SAMPLE DICOM Image Viewer

Version: 1.0-rev. A.1

Internal document number: 4226-xxx-yyy-zzz rev 1